Attending DCWJC was a phenomenal experience. I woke up looking forward to the clean, positive Christian fun-loving environment where I came to learn to be productive in life. I also appreciate the caring team of instructors who equipped us with positive life skills. DCWJC was a life-changing experience. Now I can honestly say I am an overcomer!



Since 1998 the mission of Dallas Christian Women’s Job Corps (DCWJC) is to offer a supportive environment in which women in need are equipped for life and employment while providing a context in which women help women.


We help women through our Job Readiness and Life Skills Program—an 8 week class, free of charge, focused on developing job and life skills for all women.

  • All participants must first complete an application and be interviewed.

  • After both the applicant and the DCWJC representatives feel that Christian Women’s Job Corps is right for them, a covenant will be discussed.

  • The covenant is a commitment on the part of Dallas Christian Women’s Job Corps and the applicant assuring that each party involved understands her responsibilities and what she can expect from the other.

If you are interested in becoming a participant in DCWJC you may receive an application by calling our office at 214-324-5665, e-mailing us, or downloading a request form and mailing it




November 2, 2019: Fall Session Graduation Celebration

January 13, 2020: Winter 2020 Session Begins

March 7, 2020: Winter Session Graduation Celebration

March 20, 2020: Spring 2020 Session Begins

May 16, 2020: Spring Session Graduation Celebration

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